• Dobak

    Your Dobak

    Your Dobak (Uniform) should be brought to class clean and unwrinkled. If it becomes disheveled during class, the student should turn away from the instructor between exercises and straighten it, retying the belt if necessary.

    It is not considered acceptable, or wise, to wear the uniform outside of the school, for it can be interpreted as a form of bragging, or an invitation for a challenge, or relinquishing the element of surprise in a truly life threatening situation.

  • Entering and Leaving the Classroom

    Entering and Leaving the Classroom

    Upon entering the dojang, a student stands at attention with the right fist over the heart and directs a bow toward the flag to express loyalty.

    The student should then locate the instructor and, with hands at the sides of the body, bow in his or her direction to show respect.

    In many Asian cultures, shoes worn outside are not worn in the house. So it is within the dojang. Shoes are removed at the door and placed in a designated area, to be retrieved as one leaves.

  • Rules in the Classroom

    Rules in the Classroom

    The dojang is a place for serious study for all participants. It is disrespectful and in most cases unacceptable to arrive to class late unless the student has gotten approval from the instructor prior to his/her class.

    The student should allow enough time upon arrival at the dojang to dress, be properly stereched and ready to begin class at the scheduled time. Any time a student must be exempt from part of a class or must be excused early, he or she should inform the instructor before the class begins.

    Bows are made before and after formal exercises, drills and sparring practice, and each time the student enters or leaves the classroom area. This indicates honorable intentions, sportsmanship and respect for classmates as well as instructors.

  • Beginning and Finishing a Class

    Beginning and Finishing a Class

    At the beginning of class, students line up across the room from left to right beginning with the highest-ranking individual, facing the instructor. The class will be called to attention (Char-yot!) by the highest ranking student, who will then order them to bow (Kyung-nae).

    All students bow to the instructor who then will begin the class. At dismissal time, the same observance is followed with the addition of the phrase " Kam-sa-hom-ni-da" (Thank you very much) as the instructor leaves the floor. The class is finished by the senior student, who calls the class to ready stance and releases the students with the phrase "suop git"

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