Taekwondo represents 2000 years of evolution in Korean martial arts. Taekwondo is the scientific use of the body for fitness and defense.

Taekwondo training is an excellent means of achieving overall body conditioning and weight control. All parts of the body are used in a typical Taekwondo workout as well as learning valuable self-defense skills.
Through the exercise and movements involved in taekwondo training, the power of concentration is improved in order to accomplish the required techniques, self-confidence is improved as the individual achieves ever increasingly difficult goals, self-control is improved by learning to respond to any situation in a positive way, and self-discipline is improved that force is taught as a defensive tool rather than an aggressive weapon.

Children learn respect, courtesy, confidence, self-control,and self-defense while participating in a good exercise program. All these things help improve attitudes and grades.

Each student progresses individually and everyone is involved. There are no "bench warmers" in Taekwondo. This allows everybody to reach their own potential, at their own pace.
Taekwondo lessons are dynamic and challenging for people who are athletic, energetic, awkward, shy, bold, nice, or out of shape.

Time passed cannot be won again!